Haddie’s Home is a vision – given by God

The mission of Haddie’s Home is to provide a Christ-centered home environment of trust and hope where girls in crisis have an opportunity to see God fulfill His purpose for their lives.  We will glorify God by creating and maintaining a premier facility for placement of girls in crisis, while being the hands of Christ, helping to shape the heart and future of the girls who will live there.

Psalm 138:8 “The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O LORD, endures forever.”

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Our initial work will be in the form of a girls home, including ages kindergarten to high school. They will come by referral from individuals, agencies and churches. In the future, we envision a home for boys with its own name, most likely on a separate property.

Our vision for the future is to have four to six homes, housing four to six children per home on a tract of up to 200 acres in Lee County, Alabama. We envision therapeutic ministry with horses, pasture, and a barn. In addition to the family homes, we foresee an administration building and a learning/counseling resource center. The resource center will provide a place for social workers and counselors to meet with the family members. Combining it with a learning facility will help make the counseling center a positive place to be therefore reducing the stigma some children may feel in having to attend counseling sessions.

Each home will have house parents—mother and father—who will be carefully screened and interviewed and subject to board approval prior to hiring. The homes will function as a family – diverse but unified. Just like any neighborhood, each family will attend the church of the house parents’ choice, but all will be expected to be part of a local church.

We will have a playground and recreational field for games and group activities involving the community of homes. We will incorporate group activities that encourage unity within, and cooperation between, the homes.